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About Lock World:
Please allow us to introduce ourselves …hisec

LOCK WORLD is San Francisco’s premiere full-service one-stop locksmith shop
offering the best in quality services and trained, certified professionals. With the newest generation of locksmiths, and the highest of customer service standards. All of our service technicians are radio dispatched to respond to your call as soon as possible. For your convenience, we provide outstanding 30-minute 24HR emergency service. After years with an exceptional reputation, LOCK WORLD was chosen to be the exclusive San Francisco locksmith contract station for AAA California State Automobile Association.

Since its inception in 1991, LOCK WORLD has grown astronomically. Our service shop is 3,000 sq. ft. We are equipped with the newest high-tech key cutting machinery and use only the best code cutting equipment available. Our vans are the best equipped in the country – each has its own computer-operated machines, custom interior cabinets, custom paint jobs and graphics.

LOCK WORLD is a unique automotive, commercial, residential, and safe “one-stop-shop.” We offer the widest array of services and are extremely flexible, adapting quickly and efficiently to change. We aggressively strive for success – always learning, building and growing with our customers – staying one step ahead of our competition.

Our 3,000 sq ft drive-in shop is equipped with the latest computer-automated machines. We carry a wide range of keys, key chains, locks, safes, padlocks, commercial hardware, etc. With designated “customer parking”, Lock World is centrally located at 2955 Geary Blvd. San Francisco @ Blake St. (near Masonic & Stanyan).

Lock World takes extreme measures in choosing the right products and safes. With new products and safes being introduced and changing faster than the speed of your computer, it is a full time job. Lock World researches all new products. Lock World provides the facilities, time, and the capital to investigate these new products. We inspect and test all new products for cost, defects, and durability. Lock World stands behind all of its products that we sale and install. Knowing all the available products, we are confident in the products we install on your door. We want to know you are getting the best possible lock available for your application. These measures are vital to make the best-educated choices to secure your home, business, and possessions from break in or theft. “Lock World is your Next Step to your peace of mind”.

Hi-Security products, pick resistant locks, keys that can not be duplicated with out proper identification, numbered keys, card access, proximity readers, magnetic locks, code entry systems with audit trail, heavy duty dead bolts and locks, heavy duty pad- locks, re-enforced security strikes to add strength to existing door frames, etc. Just to name a few………. Lock World is prepared to handle security needs.

Safes are as interesting to look at as the security they represent. A safe is an in-depth item to purchase. It is something you my have for the rest of you life and a place were you keep your most valuable positions. Every safe has a fire, tool (drill), and security ratings. It is important that you understand all the options and costs involved in buying a safe. TL15, TL30, EL lock, re-lockers, 6X6 hard plate, bolt down, what do these terms mean? Lock World can answer these questions for you. Lock World has a large selection of safes and knowledge to best educate you in your choice. No matter your needs custom interior, special sizes or shapes, date safe, and extreme tempter fire safes Lock World provides a complete safe and vault service. Homework pays off; don’t let the inexpensive safe at the stationary store convince you, or the shiny-glossy gun safe at the trade shows priced at half off if you buy it that day. Don’t let these situations be the deciding factor in your decision to what safe is best for your needs. Come by Lock World and at the very least, know what you are buying, regardless of where you purchase your safe. Lock World takes the same extreme measures in choosing the right safes for you, as we do the locks we install.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to have the best customer service and trained locksmiths available. With our extremely functional shop and service vehicles, Lock World has been able to accomplish this task for over ten years now. There are school and training available to educate locksmiths for the daily experiences and challenges, but Lock World provides a stepping stone program for the new locksmith, always producing the best quality locksmith’s available. We are dedicated to quality, whether it’s service, products, or education – we aggressively continue the search for the best. Lock World is the next step.

Our Service Technicians (specialized training and service)
Lock World’s team is made up of experts. Each Lock World team member specializes in one or two focused areas of the security industry and we here at Lock World believe that provides our customers with the best service possible. Since the security industry is so vast it’s nearly impossible for anyone to learn everything, much less know everything well. Lock World considers itself a leader in its specialized training and service- it’s just one of the reasons why the City Hall of San Francisco and AAA (California State Automobile Association) chose Lock World to be there Locksmith.

Call (415) 221-4050 today 
for your free on-site security consultation.

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Shop Location: Lock World is located between Stanyan and Masonic, just north of the University of San Francisco, in San Francisco’s Richmond District.

Serviced Locations:
Lock World services the following areas in
San Francisco & Peninsula:

  • Marina
  • Laurel Heights
  • North Beach
  • Mission
  • South of Market (SOMA)
  • Financial District
  • 19th Ave.
  • Stonestown
  • Ocean Ave.
  • Richmond District
  • Sunset
  • Castro
  • Noe Valley
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Diamond Heights
  • San Francisco Airport
  • Serramonte
  • Daly City
  • South San Francisco